Author: Jeff Malone

13 Sep
Will ‘Amazon Vehicles’ Change The Way We Shop For Cars?

Let's start with a couple of elephants in the showroom. Elephant #1: Embracing change is often very difficult. This is especially true when you're talking about changing something that has stood the test of time for generations. It is an often overlooked fact that most of...

07 May
Do Consumers Care You Are Number 1?

Do consumers care that your business is #1? #1 in Volume! #1 in Selection! #1 in Sales! Do people understand why this is important? And do people really care? I have a customer that feels these businesses let their ego drive their marketing campaigns and fail to showcase “WHY” someone...

11 Jun
Are You Dreaming or Setting Goals?

When I first started in the advertising business in late 2004 I had an amazing sales manager named, Sandy Capell. She took a chance by hiring me because I was “green” but she dedicated her time and energy to make sure her bet paid off...