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20 Jul
Are You A Highly Effective Person?

In a world where most of us are stretched, stressed and trying to balance it all; Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” reminds us of some very simple principles about how to stay balanced, keep focused and turn our dreams to reality. Stephen...

28 Jun
10 Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan Page Engagement

Anyone can acquire a Facebook fan page. Sure, that's easy. But, getting your fans to engage with your content is something else entirely. There is a calculated approach that page owners must take in order to increase their reach and engagement. You may or may...

11 Jun
Are You Dreaming or Setting Goals?

When I first started in the advertising business in late 2004 I had an amazing sales manager named, Sandy Capell. She took a chance by hiring me because I was “green” but she dedicated her time and energy to make sure her bet paid off...