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14 Jan
5 Ways to Craft Better Social Media Posts Today

Social media is one of the most valuable marketing tools ever to roam the earth. Whether you're looking for data on customers, information on trends or using it to reach people directly, social media makes it easier. And best of all, it's free. But in order to...

11 Jan
Why This Hypothetical Cat-Washing Business Should Have a Blog

Just for fun, let's pretend you're the owner and proprietor of a local business, and let's further pretend the service you provide is that you'll wash people's cats for them, because nobody likes washing cats. You've done your market research and so far business is...

08 Jan
Chipotle and the Importance of Transparency in Apologia

As you know, Chipotle is having a bit of a rough go lately. The burrito king has made some people sick, which means Chipotle is in Crisis Management Mode. The way to handle crises has evolved over the years. As it has with everything else, the...

07 Jan
The Marketing Man Who Invented Bacon for Breakfast

Bacon is enjoying its Moment, culturally speaking. We’ll credit comedian Jim Gaffigan for a lot of this, but when it comes to cultural trends there is no real way to know where they start and how they got where they are. They just sort of did....

31 Dec
Newspapers Coming Back to Subscription Model

Ten years ago in the newspaper business -- fine, let's call it five -- subscriptions and revenue were down, anxiety and layoffs were up, and the idea of charging people for online content was seen as a goofy pipe dream. Why, these dang kids these days won't...

30 Dec
Millennials Are Popular, But Older Adults Spend the Most Money

Today in Things That Make Sense But Aren't Clickbaity Enough, we bring you some cold, hard, boring facts from the U.S. Consumer Expenditure Survey: Adults over 50 make up the majority of consumer spending (51 percent) in the United States, make up 57 percent of spending...