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28 Apr
Facebook Advertising Is Now More Like TV Advertising

Facebook is offering advertisers a little trade: It will offer some television-like functionality and use some TV ad terminology, and in exchange it would like it if advertisers would put some more thought into how to create video ads uniquely tailored for the Facebook newsfeed. In...

29 Feb
Reach People Where They Are (Which Is On Their Phones)

Just by walking down the street, buying a sandwich at lunch of -- distressingly -- driving through traffic, you can observe a major truth about modern life: People are always on their phones. It is no longer specific enough to talk about people being on "the internet." If you're...

28 Feb
BREAKING: Millennials Don’t Actually Care About Privacy

Oh, we Millennials talk a big game. We retweet Ed Snowden. We protest the FBI’s attempts to break into the iPhone. We have a whole subculture (hipsters) who spend their energy complaining about branded experiences. And yet you give us a cool device and sprinkle a...

28 Oct
YouTube Red: Fact and Fiction

One of the things we do around here is sort through advertising and technology news. In digital marketing, the rules change pretty much daily, and it's our job to stay on top of it. As a result, we read a lot of articles. And as a...

Publisher websites blog
07 Aug
Are Publisher Websites on Their Way Out?

Unless you’ve been completely living under a rock for the past few months (classic opening line, right?), you’ve more than likely heard, or seen, the scandal surrounding comedian Bill Cosby. On July 27th, New York Magazine published a massive article interviewing each of the alleged...