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13 Sep
Will ‘Amazon Vehicles’ Change The Way We Shop For Cars?

Let's start with a couple of elephants in the showroom. Elephant #1: Embracing change is often very difficult. This is especially true when you're talking about changing something that has stood the test of time for generations. It is an often overlooked fact that most of...

29 Apr
Snapchat Is Covering The Olympics

Hey, funny story. Remember that stupid app college kids were using to send each other racy pictures a couple years ago? Yeah, Snapchat. It's covering the Olympics now. Like, with NBC. For the first time in history, a U.S. broadcasting network has agreed to share video with another...

28 Apr
Facebook Advertising Is Now More Like TV Advertising

Facebook is offering advertisers a little trade: It will offer some television-like functionality and use some TV ad terminology, and in exchange it would like it if advertisers would put some more thought into how to create video ads uniquely tailored for the Facebook newsfeed. In...

22 Apr
Analyst: Digital Ad Revenue Growing At A ‘Stupendous’ Rate

To put it most concisely, digital ad revenue has grown with unstoppable force for the last six years, set a new record last year and this one, and actually is showing signs that supply hasn't caught up to demand, Ad Age reported. "Six consecutive years of...

31 Mar
Bleacher Report Spending $35 Million on Social Content

If you're into sports, you probably remember a day, maybe about five or six years ago, when Bleacher Report was thought of as a "content farm." That was not meant as a compliment, and it's not a phrase you hear much anymore because (1) it's...

31 Mar
Retail Browsing Shifting to Mobile

Every aspect of the internet experience is shifting from desktop to mobile, and retail is no exception. But unlike web browsing and video watching, there are some extra steps involved if you want to buy something online. There’s putting items in your cart, there’s entering your...