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31 Mar
Bleacher Report Spending $35 Million on Social Content

If you're into sports, you probably remember a day, maybe about five or six years ago, when Bleacher Report was thought of as a "content farm." That was not meant as a compliment, and it's not a phrase you hear much anymore because (1) it's...

31 Mar
Retail Browsing Shifting to Mobile

Every aspect of the internet experience is shifting from desktop to mobile, and retail is no exception. But unlike web browsing and video watching, there are some extra steps involved if you want to buy something online. There’s putting items in your cart, there’s entering your...

31 Mar
Houston’s Population Is Still Skyrocketing

Oil prices are doing a number on Houston’s economy, you’ve probably heard. And while it is true that a prolonged depression of oil prices remains a major issue for the Houston economy, there are still plenty of reasons to feel good about it. Maybe the biggest...

31 Mar
Hot Fresh Stats Here!

Hey there, are you into analytics? Do you like numbers? Are you mistrustful of qualitative data? If you’re spending money in the digital ad space, this is probably you. And if it isn’t, it probably should be. Because there is a lot to learn. For example, did...

30 Mar
Remember Snapchat Discover? Well, It’s Big Now

If you follow this blog, you remember when Snapchat announced its then-confusing Discover platform. Snapchat had partnered up with some already existing publishers like Comedy Central and National Geographic and worked out a deal in which they would produce unique content specifically for the Discover...

29 Mar
Friends in France? Oui Oui, Chandler

  It is easy to think of advertising as a matter of simply buying space. And while it is true that media buying is the foundation of the entire concept of advertising, traditional advertising has had to get more and more creative over the years to...