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04 Mar
Snapchat With A Baseball Bat: The Story of the $16 Billion Selfie

March 4, 2016 is the day that some might say Snapchat hit the big time. The popular mobile app known primarily for its ability to take "selfies" with, has just confirmed a multi-year deal with Major League Baseball to broadcast live coverage of games during...

01 Mar
You’re Not Paranoid, That Billboard Really Is Watching You

The man who invented the billboard back in the 1790s must have dreamed of this day, a day when a billboard knew who was looking at it and could prove it. “Does billboard advertising work?” asks the big sign on the side of the highway. “It...

01 Mar
VW Is Back and Focusing on Features

A few weeks back on this blog, we talked about the Volkswagen emissions scandal, and how the German auto manufacturer might go about presenting itself to customers who had lost trust in the brand. And it is a deep hole from which VW has to climb...

01 Mar
Vice Is Taking Its Digital Game to Television

In simpler times, when the internet still had that new-web-smell to it and nobody knew exactly how to use it, a lot of media companies made the same mistake: They published the same content online that they published in print or broadcast over the air, and...

29 Feb
Google Drops Sidebar Ads, Raises the Paid Search Stakes

There is a reason paid search is one of the fastest-growing fields in marketing, and that reason is that the rules change pretty much constantly, and keeping up requires teams of dedicated professionals who really, really know what they're doing. The latest evidence of this is...

29 Feb
Reach People Where They Are (Which Is On Their Phones)

Just by walking down the street, buying a sandwich at lunch of -- distressingly -- driving through traffic, you can observe a major truth about modern life: People are always on their phones. It is no longer specific enough to talk about people being on "the internet." If you're...