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29 Feb
Reach People Where They Are (Which Is On Their Phones)

Just by walking down the street, buying a sandwich at lunch of -- distressingly -- driving through traffic, you can observe a major truth about modern life: People are always on their phones. It is no longer specific enough to talk about people being on "the internet." If you're...

28 Feb
BREAKING: Millennials Don’t Actually Care About Privacy

Oh, we Millennials talk a big game. We retweet Ed Snowden. We protest the FBI’s attempts to break into the iPhone. We have a whole subculture (hipsters) who spend their energy complaining about branded experiences. And yet you give us a cool device and sprinkle a...

28 Feb
With Facebook, Businesses Can See How Many People Are Nearby

Look, we’re the ones carrying mobile tracking devices everywhere we go, Facebook is just the thing making commercial use of that information. That’s the deal you make when you buy a smartphone, and most of us are happy to make it. And if you happen to...

27 Feb
Viacom Is Going All-In With Snapchat

Snapchat is all the rage with #Millennials these days. Right when you were getting the hang of Twitter, too, right? Snapchat, for the unfamiliar, is primarily used to share photos and short videos that erase themselves after a short time. It is immensely popular with #TheYouths,...

27 Feb
At NBC, ‘Ads’ Are Giving Way to ‘Sponsored Content’

You’ve probably noticed this if you’ve watched the Tonight Show since Jimmy Fallon took over. In lieu of a straight-up advertisement, the show will introduce a bit that looks and feels like a comedy bit, and in most cases is at least moderately funny, but...

23 Feb
Twitter Users are Having their Lester Bangs Moment

Last week, Twitter changed. This was big news, because Twitter rarely changes things. It fiddles here and there, but chronologically displayed, 140-character messages have always been the thing that made Twitter distinct. It was fast, immediate and anarchist, and as a result became a favorite...