Ownership is a state of mind that translates into everything we do at Malone Media Group. We must own our role & know that if it is to be, it’s up to me. Own your destiny. Own your work ethic. Own your drive. Own your inner spirit that allows you to conquer any task, any challenge, any time. Ownership means doing the the job that you want, not the one you have.


We must own the expectations, responsibilities & deadlines that come with the positions that we have chosen to accept. We must own our attitudes and choose to stay positive in all situations. When we own our minds. We control our future.


Each MMG employee is dedicated to both being receptive to communication and making an effort to communicate. Communication is key to effective teamwork. We must feel comfortable asking questions, Confident sharing insights, Respectful providing constructive criticism and Receptive with learning opportunities.


We must be proactive in answering our clients & peers and actively looking for ways to share feedback, results and praise. We are in the communications industry and should strive daily to be the most effective communicator as it single handedly helps all departments work more efficiently.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. Every employee plays a role. Every team plays a role. We are a family and must operate as one unit to achieve our common goals. We must work together. Trust each other. Count on each other. Be accountable to each other.


Teamwork is imperative for our success & longevity. We are only as strong as our weakest link. No single department starts & finishes a single task. Our business requires the collective efforts of every department to deliver the product & service that we want to be known for.


We are not just a team, we are a family that looks out for one another. We work together, learn together and win together all while exceeding client expectations & growing professionally.


We include our team in brainstorming and decision making because we each bring a unique perspective. We are all in the same boat and must paddle in the same direction to achieve success. There is no hierarchy with inclusion.


Stay Humble, Stay Hungry. We will be active in the initiatives that our team cares about in an effort to support the causes that are close to their hearts.


We will give back to the communities in which we serve by volunteering our time and resources. By supporting each other we will create deeper relationships that will make us capable of achieving anything we set our minds to.


Growth means striving for the next step without abandoning our culture or values. Growth requires a consistent commitment to improvement. Our people are hungry and we must provide paths for their professional development in an effort to retain our great talent and grow the agency.


We will always look to be better tomorrow than we were today by listening, learning, coaching and mentoring. We will seek new ways to grow internally & externally even when experiencing success.