Facebook Advertising Is Now More Like TV Advertising

28 Apr Facebook Advertising Is Now More Like TV Advertising

Facebook is offering advertisers a little trade: It will offer some television-like functionality and use some TV ad terminology, and in exchange it would like it if advertisers would put some more thought into how to create video ads uniquely tailored for the Facebook newsfeed.

In specific, Facebook is now offering day parting and Nielsen DMA targeting, allowing folks advertising on Facebook to not only specify a local television market, but deliver ads there during specific times of the day. The idea is to make it feel and sound more like TV advertising in order to make it more comfortable and attractive to traditional advertisers, Ad Age reported.

The move is meant to provide marketers further brand building capabilities on mobile, as well as flexibility to extend TV and video campaigns on Facebook with a currency broadcast advertisers are all too familiar with. At the same time, the company is telling advertisers to rethink the way they deliver video on Facebook — particularly on mobile — as opposed to TV.

That’s Facebook’s part.

In exchange, Facebook would like it if advertisers would think in more detail about the way videos appear and are consumed in the Facebook newsfeed.


This is generally good advice for any advertisement, but on Facebook — especially on mobile devices — you don’t have much time to get or hold the viewer’s attention, and they may not even be hearing the audio in your ad. That means you have to get to the point quickly, and the message has to be clear even on mute.

“The mobile feed has fundamentally changed the way people view and absorb information, and this is especially true with video,” said Matt Idema, VP of monetization product marketing at Facebook. “For marketers, this shift makes it essential to take new creative considerations into account when designing effective video ads. While this work is ongoing, we have seen that when marketers think about the unique characteristics of mobile behavior, they are able to more effectively connect with their audience.”

Essentially, Facebook is encouraging marketers to experiment with different ideas. There is no Right Way to make a Facebook ad, and buy giving advertisers more familiar buying options and terminology, it is hoping to spur some ingenuity.