Remember Snapchat Discover? Well, It’s Big Now

30 Mar Remember Snapchat Discover? Well, It’s Big Now

If you follow this blog, you remember when Snapchat announced its then-confusing Discover platform. Snapchat had partnered up with some already existing publishers like Comedy Central and National Geographic and worked out a deal in which they would produce unique content specifically for the Discover platform.

At the time, there was a lot of “but why would anybody ever want that?” floating around in the ether, but as at every other turn so far in the Snapchat story, the doubters were wrong.

Snapchat Discover gets 70 million views a month, and Comedy Central just signed a second contract with it. Comedy Central hasn’t had a hard time finding sponsors, according to Dave Bernath, executive VP of programming and multiplatform strategy.

“The movie studios have been very active, QSRs, beverages, telecommunications,” Mr. Bernath said.

Discover content is shorter than anything Comedy Central offers over the air. Most users spend six or seven minutes on the programming, which includes things like “Seven Minutes in Purgatory” and “Quickie with Nikki.”

Comedy Central is the No. 2 channel on the Discovery platform, trailing only Buzzfeed, according to a survey in Variety (iHeard Radio was No. 3). But the Discovery feature is popular in general.

Roughly 44% of the 1,117 U.S.-based Snapchat users between the ages of 13-24 surveyed in February who said they had used Live Stories and/or Discover reported doing so on at least a daily basis. That percentage falls to 23% when weighed against all of the survey’s respondents, including those who didn’t report using Live Stories and/or Discover at all.

Although most Snapchat users use the app mainly as a way to communicate with friends, three-quarters of those Variety surveyed said they used the Discover and Live Stories sections too.

In other words, virtually every sign there is points to a future in which Snapchat rules the world. It has a long way to go if it wants to overtake Facebook, but it and Instagram are by far the favorite social apps of young Millennials. So if that’s who you’re looking to reach, well, you’d better go where they are.