Snapchat Is Covering The Olympics

29 Apr Snapchat Is Covering The Olympics

Hey, funny story. Remember that stupid app college kids were using to send each other racy pictures a couple years ago?

Yeah, Snapchat.

It’s covering the Olympics now. Like, with NBC.

For the first time in history, a U.S. broadcasting network has agreed to share video with another media entity, and that entity is Snapchat, a social media app that auto-deletes messages after they’ve been seen.

How did we get here?

Same way we get anywhere. The children led us. Snapchat is kind of like a combination of text messaging and Instagram, and the young kids — we’re not just talking Millennials here, we’re talking Generation Z — love it. They made it big enough Snapchat could negotiate with outfits like Comedy Central, Buzzfeed and MTV, and then Snapchat launched this thing called Discover, which allows outfits like those to publish original content strictly for the app, and that did pretty well, so here we are.

Snapchat is covering the Olympics.

Specifically, Snapchat will set up a dedicated channel for the Games in Discover. Buzzfeed is going to help out with curation, but Snapchat will be “broadcasting” NBC’s original video content live from Rio De Janeiro.

“We have never allowed the distribution of any game highlights off NBC’s own platforms,” said Gary Zenkel, president of NBC Olympics. But Snapchat “really effectively reaches a very important demographic in the United States, and is very important to our efforts to assemble the large, massive audience that will show up to watch the Olympic Games.”

Snapchat is only getting bigger, and the sooner and more effectively advertisers learn to use it, the better off their businesses will be. Snapchat continues to be come a bigger and bigger part of our comprehensive digital marketing offerings at Malone Media Group, as it has proven to generate a lot of reach for the dollar.

This also represents the continuation of a theme in advertising lately: The continued blending of traditional and digital media. Snapchat is broadcasting Olympic coverage, Twitter will stream 10 NFL games this year, and everywhere you look the walls are coming down.

It’s an exciting time to work in the media industry — especially if you work for Snapchat.